Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Top Ten Unlikely Ways to Burn Off a Few Extra Calories Every Day

We’ve all heard the stories about saving money, about how even the smallest deposits of cash into an account will benefit from the “miracle” – they always call it that, but I haven’t found the bank yet that deals in miracles– of compound interest and turn into a U.S. Invests for the Paint Industry Vigorously fortune over time. The new science of weight loss offers us a similar “miracle” of sorts, because when you approach losing weight from a metabolic Itunes Unknown Error 50 point of view instead of a calorie-counting one, everything you do, activity-wise, suddenly makes a difference. Because metabolism – the biological controlling mechanism that essentially dictates whether we burn or store the calories we ingest – is synonymous with activity. And in a full circle ironic sort of way, it brings us back to calorie counting again, only with a different objective and a different context. The goal now is to keep moving, and to move is to burn calories.

Here, then, are the top ten ways to burn calories that you’ve never thought of, would never otherwise consider doing, and just might cause a few stares or questions from friends or co-workers if you get caught. Just tell them you’re jacking up your metabolism, and if that doesn’t shut them up, ask them how many calories they’ve burned today. They won’t know, but you just might.

10. Park in the back. That’s right, force a longer walk to the office or the ticket counter, whatever. An extra few minutes on foot translates to dozens of burned calories per week.

9. Be the clean-up guy. After meetings, or even after meals, be the one who gets up and takes the dishes away and cleans the counter. Not only will your metabolism thank you for it, but any significant others in your life will be sure to notice.

8. Polish something. It’ll feel weird at first, but be a clean freak. Pick something everyday that’s shiny – windows, a trophy, your boss’ bald head – and give it a good buffing. The movement will burn a few extra calories that wouldn’t otherwise bite the dust, and that’s the Removing Trojan Downloader.xs name of the game when it comes to jacking up your metabolism.

7. Wear pajamas. Sure it sounds crazy, but the daily act of putting on pajamas at night and taking them off again in the morning is a calorie burning activity that consumes a few hundred calories over the course of a year.

6. Take the stairs. This is easy and obvious, and one of the Some Advice For Learning to Speak Spanish most calorie-hungry activities you can choose to do. If you climb just three Pdbbtrv flights every day that you wouldn’t otherwise climb, that’s about a hundred calories a week, or nearly two pounds of burned-off fat per year.

5. Hold your reading up. It might look weird, but make a point of holding your newspaper or a book up off the surface of the table at eye level. This is a form of light isometric exercise, and the energy required of your arms and shoulders will consume several marginal calories.

4. Stand on your toes. Make you calves burn for a few seconds. Do this several times per day and PC and Laptop Failure - 3 Common Faults you’ll burn off an extra pound over the course of a year. And, you’ll soon look great in a pair of shorts.

3. Do a flex audit. Try to isolate each major muscle in your body and deliberately contract and hold it for several seconds each day. The benefits here exceed the calorie expenditure, and both will help increase metabolism over time.

2. Drink cold water on an empty stomach. This is one of easiest 100 calories you’ll ever burn off. Just drink two cold glasses of water per day on an empty stomach, and your body will expend 100 calories to heat it to body temperature for processing. That’s ten pounds per year of equivalent fat loss. Now that’s a miracle.

And the number one thing you can do to make these calories count:

1. Don’t replace the consumed calories with marginal food intake. If you do some or all of these little calorie-consuming suggestions, you’ll burn as much as 300 to 400 calories per day that you wouldn’t otherwise consume. That’s equivalent to a fairly good gym workout each and every day, and about a pound a week of fat loss in terms of calories. You may not want to lose 50 pounds or so a year, but if you make sure you don’t replace these burned calories with extra food, you’ll find your weight mtfoxwallmx management challenges to be a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to enjoy the foods you love without guilt or risk.

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